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Everything is an Argument

Who commissioned the poll? B. Who is publishing the results? C. Who was being surveyed? In what proportions? D. What stakes do these parties have in the outcome? Results can vary depending on how the question is asked d) Testimonies, Narratives, and Interviews- Personal experiences Very convincing when used carefully Most effective when person has some credibility a. Example: I. Interviews with eye witnesses ii. Evaluations Of an person or event (be careful Of subjectivity) Ill. Artistic Appeals I.Using Reason and Common Sense a) Logic- formal study of principle of reasoning Syllogisms- method of deductive reasoning assuming a major principle applies to all minor cases, errors occur when middle term is unrelated to topic in discussion a. Ex. All human beings are mortal. Socrates is a human being. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. B) Most people effectively use informal logic, stating claims and drawing conclusions, consciously or subconsciously c) Entitlement = claim + reason Condensed arguments, rely on implied informationPersuasive when readers agree with ideas on which they are based a. Ex. The presentation will be postponed because there is a surprise guest- speaker. Ii. Cultural Assumptions and Values- many arguments based on culture and history a) Because of its history, the United States bases many arguments on equity and fairness Enthronements on these principles need less formal support b) Even when citing cultural values, be careful Values open to interpretation iii. Providing Logical Structures for Argument a) Degree- More of a good thing, or less off bad thing, is good Common, rarely noticed a.Ex. The health benefits of stem cell research will surely outweigh the ethical risks b) Analogies- Explaining an idea by comparing it to something else More complex and symbolic than metaphors and similes a. Ex. Comparison between human society and animal behaviors c) Precedent- Also involves comparison, doing something in a situation because it was done in a sim ilar situation Using what has been done in the past as a model for what to do now a. A national bank saved the economy in the past, so we should establish one now.Summary: Argue meets based on logos use logic, reasoning, and evidence to make their point. Inartistic arguments, arguments based on facts, evidence, statistics, or testimonies, are set up as statement (or claim) then proof (or evidence). Artistic arguments are founded on logic and reasoning and are structured as Enthronements. Enthronements use the basic formatting of claim then reasoning. The reasoning itself can be introduced as a degree, an analogy, or a precedent. Overall, using logos adds truth and hard logic to arguments, which can be very persuasive if used properly.

Modelling a Database for a Garment Manufacturing Company Essay

This project will contain information on the processing involved in modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company. It will also document how to create letter and fax templates that make the work more efficient. The database will hold details about the suppliers, customers and stock etc. The garment style, size, how many ordered and deadline dates for the garments to be finished will also be data which is stored in the table. The end-user Mr Jordan will be able to recall information on any of his suppliers or customers. He will be able to link what the customer orders to what he has to order from his suppliers or if the customers provides their own supplies he will see the amount needed. Mr Jordan will be able to send letters automatically to his customers and suppliers about work and orders. The database will be developed using Microsoft Access, the supplier and customer letters will be created in Microsoft Word and merged with data from Microsoft Access. Background to Org anisation The Garment Manufacturing Company is called Air Ltd, it is located in Stratford and is owned by Mr Jordan. There are nine workers, which Mr Jordan is in charge of. He takes care of every aspect of the business himself apart from parts of the accounts. All of the other nine workers are arrange in a production line around the work place. Mr Jordan deals with the customer enquiries, orders and suppliers etc. At the moment letters are created from scratch in Microsoft Word. Information Technology is not used much as it could be at the present time. Current procedures Customers get into contact with the company and talk about their order and the type of work required to meet their needs. This would include the design styles, materials and number of garments etc. Either the customer provide their own materials or they set out their order to Mr Jordan so he can go to his supplier. The company then makes a sample garment which is shown to the customer if they are pleased with it then production starts, if not then amendments are made. At the moment if letters need to be sent out to customers or suppliers they are created individually instead of making a template and using mail-merge. From customer orders Mr Jordan notes down how many garments to be made, style of garment and size on paper, all of this documentation is kept in a folder. Image of Mr Jordan’s customers order detail sheet. [image002.jpg] The customer detail sheet is in tabular form where records are filled in about each of the individual garments. For example data such as size, colour and style etc. would be held on the sheet. Mr Jordan takes care of all of these sheets in a folder. When they are out dated and are no, longer of any use they are disposed of. Strengths of the current system The strengths of the following system are: All of the workers are used to the current system this means that nobody has to be trained to use any new equipment. For example none of the workers have to be trained on how to use computers. Most work is carried out by hand, this is a strength because if machines were used and any one of them broke down the production of the garments would have to be stopped. Weaknesses of the current system The weaknesses of the current system are: All documentation is carried out on paper. All letter to customers are created individually. The business does not use e-mail to communicate with its customers or suppliers. The business does not have a web site advertising its service and goods. If vital business documents are lost, there is no backup. There is no form of a factory outlet. Objectives for the new system Store details about the customers permanently. Store details about the suppliers permanently. Easily be able to input data concerning the ordering of materials. For example, style, material, size, colour etc. Be able to print out order details for the worker to use. Check his status with the suppliers. For example, material ordered etc. Send out letters to customers using mail merge for better efficiency. Print out an update of all deadlines to be met. End-user and functional requirements Store details about the customers permanently The database will need to store details of the name of the company, its address and the telephone number. The user will sometimes want to display details of all the customers. It will be useful if the customer company names are in alphabetical order. The user might want to send the customers letters which means that the postcode will have to be stored in a separate field. Store details about the suppliers permanently The database will store details about the suppliers. For example the user will sometimes want to list the names in alphabetical order this means that the first name will have to be stored in a separate field to the middle and last name. If the user wants to send the customers letters to inform them about orders etc he will need to store the post code part of the address in a different field. Store details about the suppliers permanently The database will store details about the suppliers name and address. The suppliers table will be similar to the customer table. But the user will send letters to the suppliers concerning the orderinf of raw materials etc. Easily be able to input data concerning the ordering of materials. For example, style, material, size, colour etc. The user will easily be able to in put the data u sing Microsoft access instead of inputting the data on paper using a hand made table where he could be creating a more efficient table using access. Be able to print out order details for the worker to use. The user will be able to print out details of the customers orders. For example, the number of garments, style, material etc. Check his status with the suppliers. For example, material ordered etc. The user should be able to access details about what he has ordered and what there is to pay at the touch of button Send out letters to customers using mail merge for better efficiency. The user will be able to send out letters to the customers and suppliers quickly and efficiently using mail merge with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word Print out an update of all deadlines to be met. The user will be able to print out a list of all deadlines to be met of all of the customers so the workers can work efficiently. Working Constraints End-user skill level The end-user(s) have used modern computers before based upon Windows 95. The user has used a modern computer to create letters and do calculations on Microsoft Excel. The user can only do simple calculations and nothing too complicated. The user can create letters for suppliers and customers by using a word processor. Mr Jordan is new to Microsoft Word but is getting the hang of it. He does not know much about the advanced features of the software. Mr Jordan will need some form of support in using the advanced features. Mr Jordan can use any simple software, but will have to apply himself slightly to be able to get the hang of the advanced features. His experience with IT is very limited. The new system must be easy to understand so that the vital functions can be successfully carried out. No errors should occur, everything should be clear. Availability of hardware and software The previous software that Mr Jordan was using is called Lotus Word Pro96 but has recently purchased a new PC with Microsoft Office 2000 on it. This new computer is manufactured by Compaq and has the following specification: 900Mhz processor 64Mb RAM 13Gigabytes HDD 17 inch VDU Cannon Bubble Jet printer BJC4200 Microsoft Office 2000 Mr Jordan has an ideal specification if not too good for the functional requirements. The software in the school will easily correspond with Mr Jordan’s PC since in school Microsoft Office 97 is available. Time constraints The deadline for the project is to be completed for the 30^th March. This gives approximately nine weeks for development, testing and documentation. Documentation will take up a great deal of the time this means that time will be a major co nstraint upon the completed system. Initial time plan Consideration of solutions Data such as company names and address’s will need to be stored along with ordering details etc. this means that a database must be used. A word processor will also be needed because letters have to be created for the customers. Mail merge could be used. There are two choices for the type of database: relational or Flat-file. Flat-file A Flat-file database will not be suitable because it would mean that all of the field would have to be stored in one table. For example, supplier, customer and order fields will all be in the same table. This would then lead to there being data in the table that is not needed. For example, each time a customer made an order their name and address will have to be recorder in that record. If this type were to be used then it would take up a lot of space and hold useless data. It would also make it hard to search in the basic ways that you do. It will be hard to develop it so that the end-user will be ab le search for a certain supplier or customer without all of the other irrelevant details coming up. It would also make it increasingly difficult to use the mail merge facility. Concluding this we now know that a spreadsheet is not suitable for our purpose because it is just like a Flat-file if not nearly enough the same thing. Relational database This form of storage is much more flexible than Flat-file because it allows the data to be split up into separate tables. This is more efficient because each table contains information about a single entity. Now that information is in its individual tables, data redundancy is avoided. By linking all of the tables the whole structure will be able to be searched in a variety of ways. There are a great amount of relational database options in the market but the two main ones are Microsoft Access and Lotus Approach. These are both very suitable choices. Out of the two I will use Microsoft Access because it is more common compared with Lotus Approach and also because I am more familiar with the Microsoft environment. Overall I feel that Microsoft Access is easier to understand the instructions are clearer which makes it easier to follow. The terminology used in Access is better than that used in Lotus Approach. The form will be used to enter record of orders, suppliers and customers etc. This will make the business more organised and thus more efficient. The queries will be used to see who is ordering what and how much is owed to suppliers or owed by customers. To produce the templates for the letter I have chosen Microsoft word because it can easily be linked to Microsoft Access. It will also enable the letter to look professional as you can set any of your own preferences. For example, margin width, header and footer etc. Functions in Microsoft word such as MacroButtons, Date fields can make the end-user develop the letter template for his suitability. Other functions like AutoCorrect and AutoText will give the user an option for creating many types of customised letters for different kinds clients. My other options for word processors were Lotus WordPro, WordPad, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Paint and Word Perfe ct. These were not as suitable as Microsoft Word because some of them do not allow me carry out the advanced features that I wish to and also because most of them will not be able to link with Microsoft Access.

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Culture and Sexual Behaviors

Indeed, an obvious common trait of every being, insects, animals, and peoples, comes from their need for reproduction. On the lesser beings, the need for reproduction is based on the security of their species and on increasing their population for food and territorial accumulation.People on the other hand, aside for survivability, see reproduction as an opportunity for fulfilling sexual desires. However, sexual activity is enforced not only by instinct but by other factors such as intimacy and social engagement. Also, sexual behavior is where human families are formed and defined[1].Culture has contributed on the differences of sexual behaviors of humanity. Because of the diversity of native or local beliefs, traditions, practices, and arts among people of different nationality, sexual behaviors differ across nations.Also, religious affiliation and moral convictions affect these differences. In this essay we will discuss culture and religion and their development by region and give s pecific examples by country. Also, the essay will seek to describe and define sexual behaviors with regards to psychological studies.Sexual behavior is a term which describes human activities concerning their interaction with an homosexual or hetersexual partner. Sexual activities primarily start on attraction by an individual and the efforts done in order to attract the other person. It is followed by interactions and conversations which later reveal their compatibility and satisfy their preferences.Social contact or the actual love-making then occurs. The process may happen in a short period of time in liberal societies, usually in places where people are open minded on the concept of â€Å"one night stands.† In conservative areas, however, sexual behavior may follow strictly the tradition of courting which may take a very long time.One major sexual behavior issue concerns sexual transmitted diseases (STD's). Transmitted through sexual activities, these diseases requires th e attention of health workers and the awareness of the public. Also, another issue is pre-marital sex or literally engaging in sexual activities outside of marriage.This sexual activity is criticized mainly by religious sectors who value the sanctity of marriage and reproduction, most vocal is the catholic church. Other important issues are rape, child pornography, and unwanted pregnancy.Culture is considered to be the mental programming of societies which differentiates them from another [2]. Cultures primarily have three elements: systems of meaning, ways of social organization, and unique group features and product[3].It implies a society's set of norms, behaviors, practices, beliefs, and moral considerations. On these, it is proper to say that culture defines how and what people conceive and act. These factors are however changed by people due to their exposure to other cultures.The differences between cultures are caused mainly by the area's native and historical formation. How ever, cultures are influenced mainly by religious dominance or teachings accepted in the area. Large portions of a sociey's norms and values come from religious teachings. Religion affects one's convictions and moral considerations, which also defines individual actual preferences.The western culture is considered to be the most dominant due to its rich and early development and the capacity of its people to employ their cultural activities in many places through efficient means. Also, it is enforced by great western thinkers and intellectuals who have contributed in the formation of human activities and knowledge. Included are Aristotle, John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, and Martin Luther.Western culture originated in ancient Greece, the founder of freedom and democracy. There the formation of free human thought and will came to the conception of many through the great teachers like Socrates and Plato.It grew larger together with the expansion of the Roman Empire in Europe leaving large amount of influence to its new found territories. Its development goes with the stages of intellectual formation in the west, including the renaissance, scientific revolution, the period of enlightenment, the American revolution, the industrial revolution, and today's modern and advanced society[4].Individualism and the pursuit of knowledge and practical results characterize western culture[5]. These then explains the active, open-minded, and experimenting characteristics of westerners.The Asian culture is the collective term for the system of thought and action for the continent of Asia. The area however is subdivided into different relative nations or regions based on their geographical and historical relationships. Included in this regions are the central, east, south(Indian subcontinent), north, southwest, and southeast asia.These subregions usually share a common history and heritage, with beliefs extended by religious dominance. Also, many parts of Asia h ave been colonized by western countries thus having characteristics of western culture.Compared to western beliefs, Asians give large amount of importance to hierarchy, politeness, and conservatism. Traditions are followed strictly in many places not yet influenced by the west. Also, the non-material pursuit dominates Asian beliefs due to the extensive influence of Buddhism.[1]  Ã‚  Ã‚   Tom W. Smith. American Sexual Behavior: Trends, Socio-Demographic Differences, and Risk Behavior [Digital Library] Available from[2]  Ã‚  Ã‚   Silvia Ubillos, Darà ­o Paez and Josà © Luis Gonzà ¡lez. â€Å"Culture and sexual behavior† Psicothema 2000. Vol. 12, Supl., pp. 70-82 [ Digital Book] [3]  Ã‚  Ã‚   Peg Collins, Dr. Richard Law, and Eric Miraglia. â€Å"What is Culture† [website] accessed from[4]  Ã‚  Ã‚   Western Culture Global. â€Å"What is Western C ulture.† [Internet Article] Accessed from[5]  Ã‚  Ã‚   Dr James Ng. Characteristics of Chinese culture and aspects of health care [internet article] accessed from

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IT in Supply Chain Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

IT in Supply Chain Management - Essay Example The traditional supply chain had limitations caused by power structures, limited information processing ability, and limited coordination and communication paths (Christiaanse & Kumar, 2000). Today organizations are facing complex changes to combat which Mutsaers, Zee and Giertz (1998) proposed the Nolan and Crosson six-stage model. it has become essential for organizations to be flexible and deliver a wide and changing variety of products. This requires a shift from â€Å"make and sell† approach to an externally-oriented â€Å"sense and respond† structure. This in turn implies the need for real time information. Real time information can be feasible only with the application of information technology in the different processes and functions. To meet the changing market requirements, companies have decentralized their value-adding activities by outsourcing and developing virtual enterprises (Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2004). All these highlight the importance of integrating IT with supply chain partners in the virtual enterprise or the supply chain. Demand for new information services like query processing, knowledge sharing and data mining led to the extension of information system engineering to support new, flexible software architecture so that the information system could contain new as well as legacy data and software components (Mylopoulos, 1998). IT has been recognized as a critical factor in the supply chain as they have demonstrated positive contribution to the performance of the firm and the supply chain (Jin, 2006). Technology is essential as it provides direction to the procurement, production and supplies strategies. When suppliers are able to meet customer demands compatibility of exchanges has occurred (Halley & Nollet, 2002). Success of incorporating technology depends upon the personnel’s ability to extract information (Lin & Tseng, 2006). Hence firms rely on technology to increases the flow of information across organizational boundaries and

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Populism vs. Progressivism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Populism vs. Progressivism - Essay Example emands of the populist movement were direct election of the senators, graduated income tax, Secret Australian ballot, regulation of the railroad and something to do with the ratio of gold and silver in currency notes. The movement failed and dispersed in 1896 when William Jennings Bryan lost the Presidential election. During the 1890s, novelists, journalists and critics investigated and voiced political and social corruption. The educated class of the urban population responded and it slowly grew into the Progressive era. The Progressive era significantly transformed the political structure of the country by bringing the urban population to the central attention of politicians. Reforms sought by the populist movement were attained during the Progressive era and a few other reforms took place too. The 16th Amendment to the constitution brought graduated income tax, 17th brought direct election of senators. Secret Australian ballot was also provisioned and railroads became more regulated. Other reforms include prohibition of alcohol and women’s suffrage by the 18th and 19th amendments respectively. (Hofstadter, 2011) The Progressive era was far more successful than the populist movement. A far better reach and deep penetration into the society are visible reasons behind this phenomenon. Populism was a movement backed by farmers while Progressive movement consisted of educated elites in cities. Internal divisions and divided factions was also a prominent reason why the populist movement did not last

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Analysing operational risk failure of Barings bank Essay

Analysing operational risk failure of Barings bank - Essay Example At the heart of the devastating scam was a person with a huge appetite for risk-taking but hardly any accountability towards the bank, Nick Leeson. Overnight, the unscrupulous futures' trader from London who was previously the poster boy for Barings' high-growth earnings from Singapore's premium monetary exchange, SIMEX (In 1993, he documented nearly 10% of the bank's profits in futures' trading), took special advantage of the bank's vulnerability in not being able to hedge the risks that come with dealing in a concern as sensitive as this. This is what happened. Nick Leeson's job as Chief Trader at SIMEX was to buy and sell the simplest kind of derivatives pegged to the Nikkei-225 stock exchange of Japan. This job entails the methodology of a skilled bookie who basically, bets on what people are likely to bet on in the future course. Despite booking profits on various occasions, some of Leeson's predictions proved incorrect. The idea to fool the bank management in covering up details of unsuccessful tradings came from devising an unaudited bank account, called error account 88888, to fix 20,000 goofed up by an inexperienced team member, which was later to serve as Leeson's personal getaway in covering up failed investment strategies. Even as the entire audit team of Barings' was kept in dark about what was the tip of the iceberg then, Leeson managed to document account losses which were initially at 2 million in 1992 to an astronomical figure of 208 million by 1994. The final blow came when Leeson pulled out a short-selling stunt by compromising derivatives at the Japanese and Singapore stock exchanges. An earthquake in Japan in Jan, 1995 upset his apple cart, the Nikkei plummeting by 7.7% overnight, the repercussions being felt across much of the Asian markets. Leeson desperately hoped for a recovery post-quake but, the trouble grew deeper as Barings' liabilities upward of 1 billion came to the fore. Before the bank authorities could take corrective action, the worst had happen, and one of the most glaring financial scams of recent history captured our imagination. Leeson later served a 4-year prison sentence in Singapore, eventually returned to the UK as a "celebrity", and ironically today, is a much sought-after speaker in guiding corporations and banks to manage risk in their financial dealings. While the Barings' episode is painfully over, the chances of another scam of this magnitude should not be ruled out. It is with this objective in mind that we must understand the mechanics of operational-risk management when applied to financial tradings. While analysing the basics of this study, we will simultaneously try to picture what happened in Barings, and what could have been done to arrest the ugly development. To understand the guidelines of

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The Historical Development of the Educational System of Tanzania And Essay

The Historical Development of the Educational System of Tanzania And How It Works Today - Essay Example This essay stresses that after the Second World War, the British initiated the capitalist movement in the hope that mass education would stimulate the community development. Literacy provided was only to the extent that farming would increase. Post independence, the situation changed to a great deal, in which Julius Nyerere had a very significant role to play. This essay would examine the changes in the educational system, the contribution of Nyerere, the positive and negative aspects of Swahili, and the importance of English in the Tanzania educational system. This paper makes a conclusion that private investment is necessary to foster a learning environment which would help in imparting both knowledge and technology. Even it is the agricultural sector, advanced technology can help reap the maximum benefits. The education sector has hitherto suffered due to poor resource allocation. External finance would be required to cover the shortfalls that would enable the government to fulfil its goals. The World Bank, the EU, the Netherlands, SIDA, JICA, Ireland Aid, GTZ, Finland, Norway, and CIDA are all contributing to the primary education sub-sector (Riddell). What is required is the recruitment and upgradation of teachers, trained administrative and financial managers to run the school, and empowerment of school committees. Complementary basic education today functions to absorb the absorb the out-of-school, over-age children but its role has to be enhanced.

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Creative non-fiction project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Creative non-fiction project - Essay Example g and hopping in their shiny school shoes, not minding how their backpacks bounced behind them, and their shrill laughter and non-stop chatter were carried by the warm breeze towards my barely open window. Even the neighbor’s golden cocker spaniel barked vigorously, like it wanted to join in the school kids’ happy disposition. They were smiling, noisy, and happy. I somehow felt a tinge of pricking pain piercing through my chest. I missed that feeling of being able to laugh carelessly again. The more I let my eyes wander, the more I absorbed things I used to merely look at, yet never see, before. Inside our backyard, a tall, sturdy tree used to hold my rope swing set. It is still there, reminding me of those times when I scraped my elbows and knees because I jumped off the swing set before it stopped swinging. Something beautiful yet mournful began to tug at my memory. I then again remembered the very reason why I was sadly looking out my window. My grandmother passed away, and it had only been hours ago at that time when I last glimpsed at her shiny casket. Somehow, I remembered how that shine was not able to look beautiful in my eyes. From that time to now, my life was totally altered. It had been several years since it all started. I was just 14 that year, turning 15 in a few months, and winter was fast approaching. Grandma lived in her house alone, and it was far from where we were staying. We all knew that she would have a hard time by her own especially when winter pounces in. However, we were all too busy moving on with our individual lives†¦my mom and dad with their jobs..and me with school. I could almost hear the weariness in her voice when she called to invite me over to stay during winter break. How could I have said â€Å"No.† when she had been my favorite person when I was a lot younger? Wasn’t she the one who picked me up from that ground every time I fell of the swing set? Wasn’t she the one who made sure the wounds would not leave

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Gene Therapy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gene Therapy - Research Paper Example A vector is used in gene therapy as a package for delivering the useful DNA into the cells of the body (Mayo Clinic, 1). In line with the current challenges that continue to plague the field of healthcare such as increased incidences of antibiotic resistance, gene therapy will become a major treatment strategy in the future management and control of ailments. There is bound to be a lot of debate and emotion surrounding whether mankind should or should not embrace this treatment regime as diseases will become untreatable through conventional ways. With advanced knowledge of the subject, however, gene therapy will be useful in the future management of diseases. When gene therapy was initially thought of in 1973, the pioneers of the concept called for utmost caution in the attempts to use this technique on humans. A 1990 United States experiment treated a patient (DeSilva Ashanti) of ADA-SCID in an FDA-allowed procedure. Initially, failures with the technique led to many people writing it off but these assumptions have since changed drastically following several successful trials in the period after 2006 (Kelly, 348). As of 2014 January, over 2,000 trials were actively being pursued. Gene therapy is an important issue in healthcare as it offers immense hope in finally treating diseases that are currently untreatable such as HIV/ Aids and cancer (Kelly, 377). However, there are feared a number of consequences, especially manifesting in future generations, should the application of gene therapy go south (since very little is known about it). Gene therapy should therefore be a concern to every human being in any part of the world as we have a duty to the consequent generations. Genes house one’s DNA which is responsible for a number of human functions and characteristics. In this light, therefore, if a gene is mutated or is simply not functioning properly, diseases can result.

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Accounting information systems Annotated Bibliography

Accounting information systems - Annotated Bibliography Example This journal provides accounting information concerning the ability a company to perform based on the kind of data, software used and the kind of people that use this data in order to make informed decisions. The researchers of this journal use empirical data from small business enterprises in order to determine how an organization performs based on information fed on an accounting information system. For example, the researchers highlight that managers and other users like analysts, auditors, investors and consultants rely on financial information, there is need to use high quality software in order to make informed decisions. Furthermore, software programs can be built to be able to uniquely satisfy a company’s needs based on various factors like company size, complexity or sensitivity of financial information. Generally, the journal highlights that accounting information system software enables users to access reliable information in an effective manner. Interested readers can use this journal to acquire knowledge on the performance measures of an information system.