Wednesday, October 9, 2019

American History - 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

American History - 8 - Essay Example ____ Bruce Baston ______ †¢ Development of a new national culture †¢ Advertisement needs increased †¢ Son of Protestant Clergyman worked voluntarily for the American army †¢ Love for Jesus – made Sunday a â€Å"Jesus day† †¢ First cargo started and completed its journey †¢ Religious activities increased †¢ Drinkers said to be bad people of the society †¢ ‘Do the right’ was a motive †¢ Would be the cause of future border disputes †¢ Twelve failed businessmen made best organizations and conquered the world of business 3. ____ The Long Plan ______ †¢ Senator, Huey P. Long presented Long Plan. †¢ A limited amount of wealth should be allocated to people. †¢ Excessive amount of wealth, which a person has in addition to the wealth limit, should go to government for public usage. †¢ Capital levy tax should be there and with increasing wealth, tax rate should be increased. †¢ Inheritance tax should be imposed so that people receiving inheritance wealth should be restricted to its usage and extra amount should go to government. †¢ Restrictive imcome tax for those earning more than 1,000,000 per year. †¢ All taxes should be paid by fortune holders and not common people. †¢ Limits for better survival of everyone. †¢ Wealth of the land belongs to people of the land. †¢ The powerful should work for the well being of all by bordering their fortune. 4. _____ Cultural conflicts between Black and White ________ †¢ US companies started trading with Negros in Africa, West Indies, South and Central America †¢ Universal Negro Improvement Association was established to discourage race †¢ Rubber and Tire companies established in Liberia by White †¢ Writers and great thinkers played a major role in the culture change of America †¢ A majority of Negros started migrating in New York cause a dominant cultural change in America †¢ Conf licts arise between white and black due to bias publications †¢ Idea of merging culture failed and white and black become enemy †¢ England and France were the only countries considered to keep Liberia †¢ Writers started preaching black separatism, rather than a continued quest for racial Integration. †¢ Negro’s Association becomes difficult to destroy 5. _ The Ku Klux Klan 1924__ †¢ Klan uses Print Media to deliver its message to white supremacy †¢ The Klan published The Good Citizen and The Klan’s fight for American †¢ A woman published America for Americans from Ku Klux Klan †¢ â€Å"Hail Mary, Mother of God,† was on everyone’s lips †¢ Privilege given to Ku Klux Klan under the Constitution of the United States of America †¢ Individualism cannot be maintained as the foundation of society †¢ Christians tried to grab the society †¢ Laissez Faire abandoned †¢ Inequality of tyrannies, dominatio ns and injustice spread in the country †¢ This lead American Individualism in the state. Part Two: Essays After reading the chapters, write three essays/discussion questions: 1. Explain the significance of American Individualism. 2. What effects did the Red Cross services have in the United States? 3. Explore the impact of the cabinet meeting. Was it a success or foolish act? Why? From the above list, respond to one of the above questions: 1. American call themselves the

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