Friday, October 18, 2019

Case study p565 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case study p565 - Essay Example The risk associated with oral health includes xerostomia, sipping coffee, and minor diabetes. On the next appointment, the selected patient brought back the 24-hour recall food diary without mentioning specific foods so as not to create a bias. â€Å"The caries promotion potential of diet â€Å"calculated was eight, which considered a moderated risk for caries. For xerostomia patients, this understanding could be significant if it comes from intake of drugs and undergoing treatment. If a patient has a mouth that is dry, they would be prone to damages of the tongue and a risk of dental caries infection. Base on the dental charting, the patient has an obligation to ensure that she maintains good health for her dental structure. More so, the O’Leary score was low. Another health concern in dental caries was using of hard brush wrongly. Application of much energy when brushing using hard brush may result to fractures in the gums and teeth. The doctor instructed the patient to switch to chewing sugar free gum and take water that has fluoride. Fluoridated water does not only maintain the health of a patient’s teeth but can also ensure that the patient does not suffer from having a dry mouth. The doctor recommended â€Å"Nutrition and your Oral Health† and â€Å"Caries Risk† pamphlets for the patient to get more information about dental health. On the third appointment, the patient acknowledged the doctor’s recommendation during the previous appointments. She had started chewing sugar free gum and enhanced on the intake of water every day. This nutritional counseling project is essential to me as a learner because I realized that every case is different. The recommendation resulted from what the patient needed and was a modified base on scientific evidence. It motivated the patient and enhanced her dental

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