Thursday, October 17, 2019

Health and medecine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health and medecine - Essay Example cial model of health is based on the principle that the two determinants must be involved while considering the other factors that influence the health of a person such as biological as well as medical aspects, for enhanced health and wellbeing to be accomplished. The social model of health allows flexibility in the society to develop its own principles regarding what the meaning of health is. Through such an approach, the people determine what is good and bad for their health based on the societal perspective (Nettleton, 2006). Several factors such as the societal engagements, economic wellbeing, culture and other activities in which an individual interacts with other people are considered to have a significant impact on health in the social model. The model provides a theoretical framework that offers guidelines for people to understand ways in which good health can be maintained in the society by avoiding prejudice and stigma in the society, as well as maintaining equality and justice for all (Dalton et al. 2007). There are various differences between the social model and the biomedical model that has many limitations. The model points at the interaction societal, financial and individual aspects as the combination that determines the health of a person. These are viewed as the factors that should be considered for improved health to be accomplished. A change in the people’s way of life is the most significant way to deal with the illness. On the other hand, the medical model is focused on the factors that cause a deviation from the normal body functions, making an individual unable to perform the normal day o day activities (Jones & Creedy, 2009). Such factors include biological abnormalities such as genetic make up or physiological disorders. The medical model highlights diagnosis of disease and the use of medication as the appropriate way of dealing with illness. The medical model views the disease causing organism as something that can be removed from

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