Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Communication management introduction Assignment - 1

Communication management introduction - Assignment Example Communication management is very diverse; it is also concerned with the process of developing corporate communication strategies, designing internal and external communications directives and strategies as well as managing the flow of information where online communication processes are also involved brand (May &Mumby2005). Development in information and communication technologies brings about the need for constant innovation on the part of communications managers in order to remain relevant in business practice (Pauley & Joseph 2009). Learners, who are organizational managers in this case, will be required to observe the following important rules in order to enjoy the program; first, it will be important that they make a good first impression in class. Research has always brought the important of a first impression in various instances, in this program; a good first impression to the professor especially on the first day will portray a serious and pleasant student, something that is likely to earn you the benefit of doubt as much as grades are concerned. Class attendance has to be done regularly and on time, this is an important rule in other areas of life. Students need to know that it is pretty hard for professors to notice you negatively wandering in class after the lecture has begun. This rule seems obvious that it ought not to be said, however, in every class, there will always be an absentee or one student who occasionally comes late. One should try to find a comfortable place to sit particularly at the front or center of the classroom; this is the best place where one is not distracted. In addition, sitting at this place makes one to follow easily the lecture proceedings and make notes. Students who like sitting at the back of the class are often assumed to be either lazy or shy, especially those who prefer positions in the corner of the room. Managers are expected to be alert all the

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